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youokay-mulder asked:

Hi Pat! Once you get this you must give 6 random facts about yourself, then send to your ten favorite followers! :)

1,When I was a teenager, I was the President of the Beatles Fan Club in my hometown of Memphis, TN and gave them the key to the city in 1966

2. Photography is one of my favorite activities. My photos have been published in Rolling Stone, the New York Times, and Memphis Magazine and have had photos featured on records by the Talking Heads and Ron Wood among others.

3. I have seen the Rolling Stones in concert over 50 times

4. I have two dogs named Savannah (Golden Retriever) and Dixie (Pit Bull mix)…both females

5. I met Alex Chilton of Big Star and the Box Tops in high school. We were close friends till he passed away in 2009. I was in the studio for the recording of Big Star 3/Sister Lovers and his first solo record, Like Flies on Sherbet.

6. I worked on a Grammy nominated album called Beale Street Saturday Night that was released in 1977…and hope to see it re-released in the near future.

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